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On-line meeting of stakeholders -OSS project -20.11.2020

The meeting was held after the Thematic workshop and discussions on the Good practices, takeaways that the stakeholders could have and transfer in their services were the main topic of the meeting. The stakeholders received the PPTs from the thematic meeting and some of them have been participants in the two days’ workshop.
The Voucher system presented by Slovenian partner is one of the good practices that appeared to be useful and in a great interest for our stakeholders from STP and BCCI, EEN-Vratsa. 
Also the good practices from Belgium for Crowdfunding and from Norway were a matter of interest.
The  successful startup models from Slovenia and opportunities to improve our Policy instrument with relevant measures for supporting startups was discussed by the stakeholders group members. As one of the successful startups is operating in food sector, we found it that is interesting for our stakeholders. From the point of learning process the exchange of information, good practices, contacts with our partners and their stakeholder will continue in the most intensive stage of Action plan drafting – the 6th semester of the project implementation 1.12.2020-31.5.2021.

23-11-2020 | виж всички новини | Принтирай Изпрати

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